The  H2OBBQPOLE is used for hard mounting to grills , bar stools and other non magnetic accessories comes complete with a 38" Earth anchor auger shaft, 36" telescoping height-adjustment tube, 10" L x 3/8"drive pin wrench with a 1/4"& 3/8" quick release pin and lanyards, top mounting hub with magnetic collapsible pivot arms,hub to tube fitting and depth seating hub & fitting. 

    To use the H2OBBQPOLE just simply place drive pin through desired 3/8"side hole, place auger into ground push and rotate drive pin firmly clockwise. Auger will screw into ground once pole becomes firm aprox 12" deep . place either grill or magnetic mounting hub and fitting onto top of tube and install 1/4" quick release pin into side holes. this set up can all be done in less than 1 minute.  

    All parts other than the  zinc cast mount hub are made from 100% stainless steel. no rusting or corroding.

    The H2OBBQPOLE can be used in the water on the beach or other soft terrain.Please check with local codes when using pole other than in the water or on the beach to avoid hitting any buried utilities. This should not be an issue as the pole should not be driven any deeper than 12" on solid ground.  

    To use the H2OBBQPOLE for a grill application simply drill 4 holes into the bottom of any flat bottom grill and attach with the bolts and nuts provided.