New Product Gives You the Ultimate Grilling Experience at the Beach, Tailgate, Park, Lake, Camping & Sandbar. Use almost anywhere.  Why enjoy grilling only in your backyard?

With your H2OBBQPole™ (patent pending: US 62/210679) you can have your own perfect, portable kitchen location without having to bend over or strain your back. Grill along a mountain stream or at the beach ‐‐ you pick the spot! Use virtually anywhere! Whether it be soil, sand, or mud, H2OBBQPole is ready for service! Camping in the hills; find a stream and set up your grill! A day at the sand dunes; your grill won't sink into the sand! Near the water; instant grilling station for sand bar parties! In the water behind your boat; the waves will not move your grill around, and the back of your boat becomes a BBQ buffet! Canoeing or rafting trips; grill your fresh fish right on the edge of the river! Tailgating at the game; attach the H2OBBQPole to the land stand and you are ready to grill game day treats.

H2OBBQPole goes from storage or carry to standing and is ready in moments!

1. Screw in the sand auger

2. Adjust the grill height

3. Place your grill on the H2OBBQPole ...and that quickly, you're ready to start grilling using either gas or charcoal!

H2OBBQPole is available as a stand for your flat‐ bottom grill. Choose what's convenient for you! H2OBBQPole provides features you can't get anywhere else! Tough auger bit makes setup quick and easy. Accessorize your H2OBBQPole! The versatile mounting hub can solidly mount any accessory using four screw,s or use the optional magnetic arms to support metallic accessories such as condiment trays, food preparation shelves, etc. Never bend down to pick up food or a cooking utensil again! Optional level for safety and easy setup. The H2OBBQPole is designed to use screw‐retained mounting for grills.  Another convenient option is the pivoting, collapsible magnetic arms for holding food trays, beer buckets or any metallic item with a flat bottom.* *Magnetic arms are  NOT intended to hold a grill without  the optional heat buffer plate!**  Attach the land stand to grill on solid level surface.

 Loose or uneven terrain is not a problem with the ease and convenience of the H2OBBQPole.   H2OBBQPole is built for years of reliable, carefree service. It will become a family heirloom! Constructed from stainless steel  for superb strength and corrosion resistance. The H2OBBQPole is only about the size of a golf club which makes it easy to transport or store with your water skis on the boat.  

  Don't miss out on the best, new product which will cause you to be the envy (or the center of the party) of everyone on the water!  Visit us at the Chicago Boat, RV and Strictly Sail Show at McCormick Place, Booth #A411 January 14th-18th, 2015 Visit our website WWW.H2OBBQPOLE.COM