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We have just received our Trademark & Provisional Patent number(patent pending: US 62/210679) H2OBBQPole™ . We have the green light to start producing  and selling our product line.


With your H2OBBQPole™ (patent pending: US 62/210679) you can create your own perfect portable kitchen. Grill along a mountain, stream or at the beach -- you pick the spot! H2OBBQPole is standing and ready in moments!
  1. Screw in the sand auger
  2. Adjust the grill height
  3. Place your grill on the H2OBBQPole

...and you're ready to start grilling, using either gas or charcoal.  The versatile mounting hub can solidly mount any accessory using four screws. Or, use the optional magnetic arms to support metallic accessories such as condiment trays, food preparation shelves, etc.